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The Nordic Model – Tracing the DNA of Democracy in the Danish Education tradition

Studieordning: 2019 (LU KP)

Module type, credits and language

An introductory Module for exchange students, comprising 10 ECTS credits. The language of the Module is English and texts will be in English. Art: 5 ECTS Education studies: 5 ECTS

Short description of the Module

The Module provides an introduction to the fundamental values of the Danish and Nordic school traditions.

The Module comprises the following areas of study:

  • The concept of ”Bildung” and its connection to the concept of competence in Danish educational thinking
  • Danish schools – school visits and empirical studies of chosen types of schools
  • Art in education: Multimodality, how to learn through art, how to learn through the interplay between images and other modalities
  • Visual culture: Affordances of school architecture, how space defines relationships, important areas of visual culture, for example the building of schools and institutions, visual environments (houses, shops) and themes such as sport and tourism
  • Comparative educational studies with the inclusion of participants’ own national education systems

While studying the Module, the student will achieve a fundamental knowledge to be used to reflect on “the Nordic model” and relate this approach to types of schooling in their own countries of origin.

Academic foundation of the Module

The Module will draw on theory and texts by the following theorists:

  • N.F.S Grundtvig
  • Knud Illeris
  • Marianne Hedegaard
  • Ulf Bossing
  • Anne Bamford
  • Andrew Harrison and Les Hutton
  • OECD reports
  • UNESCO reports
  • In addition, there will be texts relating to scientific theory and ethnographic method.

Evaluation and criteria for passing the module

Students conclude the module by writing a project report that takes a specific teaching practice as its starting point and includes artfull presentation. This report is subsequently presented orally.

The students get marks from the Danish 7 scale, which are translated by their home university.

The stipulated amount of student work for the assignment is 75 hours all in all.

Oversigt over studieordning 2019 (LU KP)


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