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SM1 : Authentic Teaching Aids and written language

Studieordning: 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)

Fag: Engelsk

Subject-area: English

Language of instruction: English

Credits: 10 ECTS

This course focuses on developing teaching aids in the shape of texts, e.g. fiction, from various periods, media and genres.

  • In this course we will work with authentic teaching aids from various periods, media and genres aimed at teaching English.
  • We will be working with textanalysis, understanding of culture, genre traits, as well as with students’ written language development from both a functional and a structural understanding of language.
  • We will work with authentic, fictitious and factual texts from an extended concept of text with the aim of developing teaching sequences for all age groups and grades.
  • Additionally, we will work with reflection and analysis of digital platforms and digital teaching aids.


Competency objectives of the module

The student is able to demonstrate competence with regards to:

  • Language and teaching languages.
  • Language acquisition and foreign language communication.
  • Intercultural competence with regards to teaching English as a foreign language.

Oversigt over studieordning 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)


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