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EN2: Processes in language acquisition and communicative skills

Studieordning: 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)

Fag: Engelsk

Subject-area: English

Language of instruction: English

Credits: 10 ECTS  


This module poses the following questions: How do you learn languages? how does language development take place? What are communication skills? What is the relationship between communication and language acquisition? How to describe language acquisition and communication skills? How and why does the teacher act as a linguistic supervisor? How does the teacher organize training that gives opportunity for language acquisition? What is the relationship between views on language, learning, subjects and concrete instruction?


The starting point is language proficiency, discourse and strategic competence and learning. Focus is on 'processes' as dynamic sizes of language and language development, such as hypothesis formation, reading strategies, communication strategies.


During the module we will work with:

  • Skills in relation to listening, reading, writing, speaking and conversation in a communicative competence perspective, including the use of strategies in communication and learning.
  • Inter Language development in relation to learning capacity and potential, learning strategies and individual paths to language learning.
  • Goal-setting, practical organization of varied work, IT, learning resources, evaluation and feedback on the web site of a differentiation and inclusion perspective.
  • Paradigmatic shifts in language instruction and coherence of language, of learning and didactics organization on the basis of applicable national and international regulations.


For additional information regarding this module, please refer to the Danish module description.

Oversigt over studieordning 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)


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