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PR1a (5 ECTS): Internship/teaching practice for international students

Studieordning: 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)

Fag: Praktik

Short description of the module

The module consists of 15 (non-consecutive) days of teaching practice, carried out at one of the schools collaborating with the School of Learning. If possible, students in teaching practice at the same school will be grouped in groups of max. 4 students during the internship period.

The subjects taught by the student at the internship school are selected in mutual agreement between the student and the internship teacher.

The module focuses on the student’s development of his/her own teaching practice and budding ability to analyze his/her own classroom instruction. The foundation of the module is the student’s work on selected lessons or parts of lessons in collaboration with fellow students. The module focuses in particular on the role of the teacher, the tasks of the teacher and the relation between lesson content and the pupils.

Additionally, focus is on how students plan, carry out and assess lessons or parts of lessons and their ability to implement their knowledge about the role of the teacher and the relation between lesson content and the pupils being taught.

Lastly, the student’s ability to analyze lessons or parts of lessons with the aim of developing their own instruction is taken into consideration.


The knowledge base of the module

The module is based on the latest research on practice learning, understandings of theory-practice, guidance and professional teams.


The student is expected to demonstrate skills and knowledge within the following main areas of competence


Classroom management

Relational work


At the end of the module, the student is expected to be able to demonstrate the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:


Skills: The student is able to

Knowledge: The students has knowledge about

Establish goals, plan, carry out and assess teaching sequences (part of or entire lessons) in collaboration with fellow students or colleagues

The official purpose of the Danish public schools (Folkeskolen) and its study plans, principles of lesson planning, instructional methods and ways of organizing pupil activities while taking their abilities into consideration

Guide the pupils’ participation in classroom activities

Classroom management

Communicate with pupils with the aim of promoting their learning and well-being

Communication, pupil well-being, motivation, learning, and pupil relations


The extent of the module equals 137 hours (5 ECTS).


Requirements for passing the module

  • Full participation in all internship related activities.
  • Passed final assessment.


Final assessment

Students’ learning outcomes, as they relate directly to demonstrating both knowledge and ability within the module’s areas of competence, are assessed formally and in their entirety. The assessment is carried out by the internship school.



Students are given grades (using the Danish grading system) based on an overall assessment of the student’s ability to meet the module’s skill and knowledge requirements. The grade is given by the internship teacher.

Oversigt over studieordning 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)


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