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Modulbeskrivelser – internationale

Studieordning: 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)

Knowing very well that our international students come from many different educational backgrounds and have various professional goals, the Department of Education aims to provide our international students with a great degree of choice and variety of modules in order to let each student create a module-package with the greatest possible relevance for their particular profile. 


With this aim, we offer the following modules held exclusively in English or German and targeted at both international and Danish students. We have chosen a selection of modules that we deem relevant for most teacher students, but if you have a particular interest in subjects that are not listed below, please let us know. We can in some cases further cater for individual interests. 


All international students should aim at putting together a selection of modules that total between 25 and 30 ECTS.

Oversigt over studieordning 2018 (LU 13, Frb.)


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