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EN5: Intercultural competence within aged-specialized English language instruction

Studieordning: 2016 (LU 13, Frb.)

Fag: Engelsk

Subject-area: English

Language of instruction: English

Credits: 10 ECTS  


This module poses the following questions:

  • What is culture?
  • What are cultural meetings, intercultural competence and intercultural resources?
  • How is text competence applied in attempting to understand the connection between language, culture and identity?
  • How does English language instruction relate to social conditions, language variation, and globalization?
  • How can English language instruction be used in international collaborations and cultural meetings with the aim of developing pragmatic language competence?


The point of departure is cultural instruction as it relates to the school and the teacher education subject, including views on language and subject. Focus will be on culture, identity and development of intercultural competence with a particular interest in age-specialization.


We will work both theoretically and experience-based with cultural meetings and the text competence of the students in a cultural and international perspective, i.e. through digital communication. Additionally, entrepreneurship and innovation will be addressed in this module.


Additionally we will continuously work with the development of each individual student as it relates to the content areas of the module.


For additional information regarding this module, please refer to the Danish module description.

Oversigt over studieordning 2016 (LU 13, Frb.)


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