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LG6: The professional Teacher

Subject-area: The Teacher’s Fundamental Professional Qualifications

Language of instruction: English

Credits: 10 ECTS


The purpose of this module is to further strengthen and develop the competencies acquired by the student in LG2. In LG6: The Professional Teacher students will be working intensely with planning, carrying out and assessing classroom instruction. The focus of the module is on analysis of didactics, on reflection and action as well as on developing one’s instruction. Students will also be exploring the relation between ‘didaktik’ (meaning the teacher’s daily work  on planning, carrying out and assessing lessons) and ‘didaktologi’ (meaning the science and theory of didaktik). Hence the module contains a double aim, and thus a reciprocal interaction between didaktik applied in concrete instructional situations and it’s more theoretical and scientific foundation.


Competency objectives of the module

The student is able to:

  • individually as well as in collaboration create communities and facilitate the learning and development of pupils, manage learning processes that accommodate the development of individual, social and communicative competencies, as well as conflict management in diverse social contexts.
  • plan, carry out, assess and develop classroom instruction in the Danish Public School (Folkeskolen) and justify their instructional choices.
  • plan, carry out, assess and develop specifically organized inclusive instruction for pupils in complicated learning situations, and justify their choices.
  • plan, carry out, assess and develop instruction of bilingual pupils in a language-diverse classroom, and justify their choices.


For additional information regarding this module, please refer to the Danish module description.

Oversigt over studieordning 2016 (LU 13, Frb.)


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